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Case Study: Optimizing BrandFelt Activation's LinkedIn Ad Campaign + Systems

Client Overview: BrandFelt Activation is a marketing agency specializing in brand activation, event marketing, and experiential marketing campaigns. With a focus on creating memorable brand experiences, they assist businesses in connecting with their target audience and driving brand engagement.

Challenge: BrandFelt Activation approached wanted a review of their LinkedIn lead generation campaign. They wanted to enhance their lead generation efforts, improve their email marketing strategy, and create a more efficient and scalable system for managing their campaigns.


Repeatable Email Framework for Marketing:

  • Developed a repeatable email framework for marketing campaigns, including lead nurturing, follow-up sequences, and re-engagement strategies.

Lead Magnet Assistance and Design:

  • Assisted BrandFelt Activation in creating two eBook lead magnets to attract and capture leads effectively.

  • Designed visually appealing and engaging lead magnets.


Systems Strategy and Assistance:

  • Developed a systems strategy to streamline internal processes.

  • Assisted in the implementation of project management tools to facilitate collaboration and communication within the team.


  • Improved Lead Generation: The optimized LinkedIn ad campaign system resulted in a significant increase in lead generation and customer acquisition for BrandFelt Activation.

  • Enhanced Email Marketing Strategy: The implementation of the repeatable email framework improved lead nurturing, engagement, and conversion rates.

  • Effective Lead Magnets: The creation of visually appealing and valuable lead magnets helped BrandFelt Activation attract and capture leads more effectively.

  • Streamlined Systems and Processes: The new systems strategy improved internal efficiency, communication, and collaboration, leading to better overall performance and productivity.

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