…you could build your business part-time without having a large social media following, positing on social media everyday,

or producing a ton of free content?


…you could be visible and valuable without being overwhelmed balancing your full-time job?

Here’s a secret: You can.


Exhale. The struggle is over.

This is the only coaching program you’ll need to transition from side-hustler entrepreneur. Black Women Moguls will take you from frustrated to full-time in 8 weeks.

What if…


You’re here.


Struggling with generating enough revenue to sustain your business and make a profit.


Overwhelmed as a side hustler with limited resources and time.


Disappointed by your marketing strategy and being basically invisible online.


We’ll take you here.


Clear on your unique brand identity and brand positioning that will boost your sales.


Confident to communicate your product offering and attract customers ready to buy.


Prepared with a solid aresenal of marketing strategies to take you from overlooked to well-paid.

What you’re feeling is common and past mistakes don’t make you a failure.

We have all been where you are:


  • Nervous because you want to take your business full-time, but are too scared to take the leap because your business isn’t ready.

  • Freaking out every month, because you’re barely making a profit.

  • Frustrated watching people get clients and find success effortlessly.


6 course modules and monthly masterclasses with industry experts.


Build connections in the private facebook group and member forum. 


Bonus video tutorials and digital resource hub.


Monthly coaching calls that are laser-focused on your business needs.

Black Women Moguls is the solution for entrepreneurs who want to stop side hustling and build businesses that sustain them full-time. Are you ready to get started?


Let’s get to work.

Review the curriculum and choose your coaching package.

Mogul Mastermind Program

  • Lifetime Access to Course Modules

  • Monthly Hot Seat Group Coaching Calls

  • Online Masterclasses

  • Monthly Video Tutorial

  • Digital Resource Hub

  • Bonus Templates




Local Moguls Accelerated Program

(Atlanta-Based Businesses Only)


  • Lifetime Access to Course Modules

  • Bi-weekly Coaching Calls

  • Online Masterclasses

  • Video Tutorial

  • Digital Resource Hub

  • Exhibitor Showcase Party with other VIP clients 

  • Personalized Marketing Strategy

  • Branding Photoshoot


*The Exhibitor Showcase occurs at the end of program completion.

Course modules are tailored to VIP clients and vary slightly than the above modules.

Not sure if this is right for you? Reach out to us at hello@blackwomenmoguls.com or Schedule a Free Branding Breakthrough Session.

What would it mean to you if you could:

Love what you do.

Have a community which you were inspired by every day.

Learn the skills you need to start and grow your business.

Live your dream every day.

Finally, have the confidence you need to go full-time.

Learn new strategies for your business daily.                    


I want to help you become profitable, more visible, and grow your clientele.  Will you join me?

About your Coach

Averri Liggins helps business owners increase their visibility and connections so that they can grow their sales and build a profitable business. As a former Brand Coordinator and Social Consultant, she has assisted non-profits, small businesses, and personal brands with their social media and revenue strategy. Although she pursued a degree in Political Science worked for the Georgia State Government, entrepreneurship was always ingrained in her since childhood.


Seeing the lag of business development in the black community, Averri started Black Business Connect an organization dedicated to providing training and resources to under-sourced business owners. Outside of her entrepreneurial ventures, she serves as the 1st Vice President of the local section of the National Council of Negro Women where she coordinates programs initiatives for various women’s issues.

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