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Kimberly Harden

KD Harden Styling

Kimberly “KD” Harden simply stated is a Personal Stylist & Shopper for the Everyday Woman. She is Atlanta's Image Architect & Lifestyle Concierge known for revamping, redefining, and enhancing the lives of others with her simple wardrobe whisper approach to style, fashion fundamentals, personal branding/development, self-awareness, and overall image enhancement…but, from the inside out. Kimberly's commitment to helping others discover their unique abilities within and become the true woman they envision has afforded her the opportunity to counsel numerous people in ultimately experiencing what it feels like to "Live life to the fullest until it overflows."

What Is Her Secret? Outside of her project management efforts, life strategy workshops, mentoring, speaking, and coaching opportunities, Kimberly harnesses her greatness from a strong belief in God and her huge personality. She embodies a unique combination of both analytical, organizational, structure, yet with a creative, down to earth appeal, fun-loving wit and caring spirit. 

These innate characteristics are coupled with a strategic vision for excellence balanced with life experiences and flexibility that have made her a guiding light to many who aspire to achieve the next level in reaching their personal and professional goals. 

How Does She Do It? With her warm heart, intuitive ability to serve, a keen eye for fashion and style she empowers women of influence, business professionals, and entrepreneurs alike how to recognize their own God-given architecture; to harness their uniqueness and present it to the world in a manner that true to their core. 

Kimberly has begun to build an empire of her own whose foundation is built on values that uplift and promote everyone that she encounters to become the most authentic version of themselves. Ultimately, transforming them (from the inside out), allowing them to reach their fullest potential, and become the person they were destined to become.

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