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Lady Mogul Talk with Camry Brown

In this segment of Lady Mogul Talk, we speak with Camry Brown about what it means to pivot, how to live in your purpose, and how we can positively impact the next generation.

Camry is an Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Speaker. She is a college graduate from Georgia State University. She studied Political Science and served as the President and Co-Founder of a collegiate non-profit organization, "Providing a Creative Outlet for Atlanta Youth."

Camry has empowered her community by collaborating with non-profit organizations throughout the city of Atlanta. Serving Title I schools and strategic initiatives formulated for underserved youth, foster care connecting community resources, and high school mentor with the continued ambition to pay it forward, motivating students to achieve beyond the moment.

Remarkably known for her ambitious and diverse expertise, Camry has over five years of retail knowledge advancing Fortune 500 companies. After years of supporting women in retail, powerful comradeship amongst women has been her constant motivation and strengthen her perspective to cultivate an innovative approach with clothing brand Classy Luxurious®.

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