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The Birth of Purpose: Navigating Life's Journey with Intention

In this episode of Lady Mogul Talk, I sit down with the incredible Britney T. Jones, a renowned mindset coach and life coach, to unravel the secrets behind living a purpose-driven life. Britney opens up about her own inspiring journey, sharing what led her to become a passionate advocate for mindset coaching. Plus, we discuss the biggest obstacles hindering individuals from embracing a purposeful existence and seek Britney's wisdom on initiating this transformative journey. Throughout the conversation, she unveils the key insights from her recommended book and provides a glimpse into what the future holds for her impactful work. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion filled with valuable nuggets of wisdom. It's time to unlock your potential and embrace the Lady Mogul within!

About Britney

Britney T. Jones is a visionary millennial who has made a significant impact by redefining the way individuals follow their faith and excel in life. She serves as a transformative speaker, mindset and life coach, and a source of inspiration for personal growth and positive change. With a remarkable combination of leadership experience in corporate America and a successful track record as a serial entrepreneur, She empowers women to empower women through her platform, Bestfriend in Faith, as her mission is to inspire and uplift women, creating a ripple effect of empowerment. Britney is dedicated to helping people achieve holistic growth, realize their full potential, and lead purpose-driven lives. Her unique approach encourages individuals to integrate their faith into every aspect of their personal and professional journeys, making her a valuable guide for those seeking a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Connect With Britney:

Website: and Social Media: @britneyturnerjones @bestfriendinfaith



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