Mogul Strategy Session

Running a business comes with its share of challenges. One of the most common things entrepreneurs struggle with is finding the right clients to work with.

Developing a marketing strategy from scratch is complicated, and it’s hard to figure out exactly where to start.

Enter the Mogul Strategy Session.

This is an intensive 3-hour strategy session where we’ll identify your dream clients and map out a custom client attraction plan tailored specifically for your business. At the end of the session, you’ll have a detailed marketing plan designed to bring you new clients and new levels of success.

You’ll also receive done-for-you templates (pre-made), making it easy to implement the client- attracting, step-by-step plan we’ll develop for you during your Mogul Strategy Session.

PLUS, you’ll gain access to the resource vault where you’ll find a variety of valuable guides, templates and strategies you can implement to instantly elevate your brand.

Your dream clients are waiting for you. Schedule your Mogul Strategy Session today so we can develop your visibility path that leads them straight to your brand.

Attract Your Dream Clients in 3 Steps:

Step #1: Get Ready


Complete your questionnaire so that I can best prepare for your session and deliver actionable strategies.

Step #2: Set

Action Plan

We'll meet for 3 hours to discuss my findings and create a custom blueprint for your brand. Plus, this is your chance to ask any questions you may have.

Step #3: Go


It's time to put your plan into action so that you can implement the strategies we discussed in your session.

Ready to Scale Your Business for Greater Profit & Visibility? Let's chat and conduct a brand audit during your Profit Planning Session.

Mogul Strategy Session FAQ’s


How Long is my Mogul Strategy Session?

Your Mogul Strategy Session will last approximately 3 hours. You can break this into 2 sessions if needed.

Will My Session Be In Person?

Training is online, which means you can access the session from anywhere in the world.

What if I have limited availability to attend a session?

We will work together to find a time that suits us both.

Does this include done-for-you services?

No, you will receive access to our Mogul Resource Vault. For done-for-you services, the Mogul Makeover Accelerator is a better fit for you.