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Tara Seals

The Bossy Educator

It’s hard not to gravitate to Tara Seals, MBA, MAED. Thousands have found solace in her mere existence as for the past 20+ years, she has dedicated her life to teaching young people around the world. Tara Seals has served as a business and special education educator in corporate and Title I educational institutions across the world, ranging from elementary, middle, high, alternative schools to 24-hr. residential intensive treatment facilities to the collegiate level. She blends her impeccable proven background in education with entrepreneurship, community engagement, professional development, public speaking and small business consulting.

She is an international author of 6 books, starring her first ever self-published book, Bossy Is As Bossy Does: The 5 Keys That Open Doors. 

The other 5 books within the Bossy Is As Bossy Does series are in e-Book format and were written to assist small business owners navigate the process of taking their business to the next level in the areas of monetizing skills, public relations, creating multiple streams of income, sponsorship, and more.

As a visionary, Tara has led technology based initiatives using the software, PimsPoints in schools and corporations to help aide in the need of participant engagement. Such organizations have become successful incubators of engagement with effective leadership. Due to her vast amount of knowledge in the education arena, she was selected to sit on the advisory boards for STEM Atlanta Women and RIMSR, where she advises in the area of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and SEL (Social Emotional Learning). She also serves as a SEL Volunteer for the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice.

Tara’s involvement as a community philanthropist has been a key element to the successful implementation of exemplary goal setting strategies and utilization of differentiated instruction mechanisms created by her to assist low performing students across the educational landscape meet and surpass grade level state mandated requirements. Drawing from her experience as a leader and life-long learner earned her the Who’s Who Among America’s Teacher, Business Woman of The Year, and Top 25 Inspiring People In World awards.


Her entrepreneurial vision led her to founding Body Décor Boutique, an e-commerce boutique dedicated to honoring bossy women in 2011. Tara’s newest edition, The Bossy Educator brand, was founded upon the principle to educate students, educators, parents, entrepreneurs, etc. through keynote speaking, workshops, and consulting. Applying her diverse background of talents and skills, she offers her clients an extensive portfolio filled with a plethora of workshops, classes, services, and one-of-a-kind curricula. 

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