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One thing that I know how to do is find ways to connect resources and strategies to my clients. At first, I did not realize this was a super talent until I started to notice how quickly I could:

  • leverage existing strengths to find opportunities;

  • build key partnerships effortlessly;

  •  and create strategic plans to catapult my brand to national visibility.

Over the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of working nonprofits, small businesses, and personal brands with their visual content, revenue plan, and marketing strategy from all over the world. My

experience working for nonprofits, government, and the corporate afforded me the unique opportunity to witness various strategies and systems that I now translate to my clients. As a client, I not only bring you my experience, but I share the things I wish I had not when I first started in business. My goal is to guide you step-by-step and help you navigate around some of my early mistakes to make your entrepreneurial journey smoother.


Learn more about the client experience by viewing the video above and learning more about our service offerings below.

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Profit Planning Session

The Profit Planning session is a private 30-Minute session. First, we'll discuss your business challenge and identify gaps in your current brand strategy. Next, I will provide feedback and we'll pinpoint your next step to solving this challenge and generating more income.

On Demand Classes

Learn at anytime from the comfort of your own home. Our classes are designed to provide you with tangible strategies that will enhance your brand's visibility through marketing tactics and business operations tips.

Profit Accelerator Academy

Position your brand by packaging your products or services that attracts your target market effortlessly. Enhance your pricing and marketing strategy so that you increase your visibility and grow your profit. Plus, learn how to put your business on autopilot  to save you time and energy.


"Wow! I have been looking for this!"

-Tange E.

“Very helpful. It’s good to give examples outside the textbook terms."

-Roxanne G.

Just want to send you note of gratitude for all that you have blessed me with so far. There is no way I would have been prepared for my presentation last week.. or would have landed my new clients (1 more signed up today !!!!). AND .. you just keep blessing me with actionable steps to move my business forward. After having gone through a program where I was fed crumbs.. I truly have the upmost respect for your craft and your approach. You are so talented and I’m so happy we met !!! You rock !! I am your official hype girl !! Thanks for all that you do !! 

- Jade C.

Do I have to live in Atlanta?

No. Black Women Moguls assists women entrepreneurs globally.

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes! We like to meet clients where they are. If one of our existing payment plans does not work for you, contact us to see what special arrangements can be made.

What if I still have questions?

We love answering your questions! Sign up for a Profit Planning Session to ask your questions and see if we are a good fit. Your session investment goes towards you program investment if you continue to work with us.

How long is the program duration?

The Profit Planning Session is 30-Minutess, the Group Strategy Sessions lasts for 8-weeks, and our Private 1-on-1 sessions lasts for 12 weeks. Should you need additional support, we will discuss your next steps during your experience.


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