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Lady Mogul Talk with Janea Jamison

Segment in Partnership with The HBCU Experience Movement.

In this segment of Lady Mogul Talk, we speak with Janea Jamison on the importance of finding your voice, how her challenges positioned her for a greater purpose, and her experience at HBCU How Southern University.

About Janea

Janea is a Louisiana native and hosts a weekly podcast called Her Story, L.L.C. She creates opportunities for critical dialogue and action for Black Women who have defied obstacles and turned them into success. Her passion for women empowerment and positive body image is also reflected through her activewear brand, Kloset Fitness, L.L.C., which centers on various designs for women of all sizes. Janea Jamison is a longtime advocate for race and gender justice. Her justice lens focuses on centering BIPOC women and girls in policy, organizing, and advocacy to develop a roadmap for equity.



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