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Lady Mogul Talk with Tippi Cogen

About Tippi

Spiritual Advisor | Wellness + Closure Coaching |

Professional Humanitarian & Former Army Airborne Chaplain

California born and Hawaii raised, this once homeless youth and misguided teen, learned to blaze her own path after leaving home at 17 to join the Army, which brought her to the professional career of counseling and ministering to families and soldiers as an Airborne Army Chaplain, where she retired ahead of most of her peers.

After serving over a decade as an Army Chaplain, Tippi is now on the path to start her PhD in Psychology in Somatics and spends most of her time researching Sensorisomatic Psychology and combining her skills and certifications into her Life Coaching workshops and sessions.

Tippi has gone on to work with exclusive and returning clients and continues to speak at major organizations to raise awareness and demonstrate the positive effects of regularly practicing mindfulness, resiliency, and work-life balance.

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