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Lady Mogul Talk with Tiara Swain

In this segment of Lady Mogul Talk, we speak with Tiara Swain about about the importance of finding your voice, sharing your story, and how to use LinkedIn strategies to help increase your visibility.

About Tiara

Tiara Swain is a Career and Business Consultant who helps professionals and startups build a competitive online presence by implementing tailored networking and branding strategies. Before launching her consulting firm, Swain Solutions, in August 2020, Tiara has 6 years of experience in increasing revenue, reducing expenses, and developing brand strategies for Fortune 500 companies, including Enterprise Holdings, PepsiCo, Kelly Services, and LinkedIn.

Currently at LinkedIn, she is a Relationship Manager that enhances recruiting and branding strategies for 140 staffing firms. Likewise, Tiara serves as Pillar Lead for Community Partnerships for the Black Inclusion Group ‘s Chicago Office. In 2021, she won the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Award for her work and community achievements.



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