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Trading Success: Creating a Sustainable Business through Collaboration

In this episode of Lady Mogul Talk we are joined by the CEO of Barter Black Nicole Murphy to dig into the secrets of success for Black entrepreneurs. From unlocking access to vital resources to leveraging innovative platforms, she reveals invaluable insights on navigating the business landscape. Watch now as she shares her strategies for building a sustainable business and fostering a thriving entrepreneurial community to pursue their dreams with determination and resilience.

About Nicole

Nicole Murphy, a visionary entrepreneur hailing from Washington, DC, proudly leads as the CEO of Barter Black®, a pioneering platform dedicated to empowering Black entrepreneurs and startup founders. Nicole's relentless commitment to fostering equitable relationships and providing essential support for Black businesses to thrive has earned her recognition from Black Enterprise, Voyage Baltimore, and Rap Snacks. Her leadership within the entrepreneurial community is dedicated to the mission of driving success and innovation through the transformative power of Barter Black®.

Connect With Nicole

All Social Media: @iBarterBlack



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