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Roots of Resilience: Finding Success As A Hairpreneur

In this episode of "Lady Mogul Talk,"  I had the pleasure of interviewing Renae Williams, a remarkable business owner in the hair care industry. Renae generously shared her invaluable insights and experiences, offering a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of building a successful hair care company. Her journey is not only inspiring but also filled with wisdom that resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of entrepreneurship through the eyes of a true trailblazer, Renae Williams.

About Renae

Renae Williams is the creator of CoCoBella Natural, a haircare product line that caters especially to those with textured hair. Renae big chopped in 2012 then developed the brand after experiencing illness and hair loss due to the presence of chemicals in hair products. Named an “accidental influencer”, Renae, with her exuberant personality and passion for promoting beauty from the inside out, became a prominent voice in the natural hair community, encouraging women to accept, love, and care for their kinky, curly tresses. In addition to offering CoCoBella Natural’s most popular bundle, the 3-step QUENCH Complete Curl Care System, Renae wrote an ebook “Keep it Simple Sis: The Journey to Healthy Hair Care and Healthy Self-Esteem”, a memoir detailing her big chop and journey to self-discovery.

Also a savvy businesswoman and solopreneur, Renae has shipped to all 50 continental U.S. states and amassed a loyal customer base supporting product launches that often sell out in hours. Today, Renae operates CoCoBella Natural full-time and endeavors to expand the brand into a larger product market in 2024.

Connect With Renae:

IG: @cocobella62



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