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From Loss to Victory: A Six-Figure Success Story

In this segment of Lady Mogul Talk, we speak with Annette Campbell on her remarkable and resilient journey from losing everything to building a 6-figure business. Tune in as she shares candidly, offers invaluable tax and financial tips, and sheds light on crucial strategies for navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship. Visit the Show tab of our website to learn how to build a sustainable business to achieve long-term success.

About Annette

Annette Campbell empowers entrepreneurs to make millions through tax strategy and profit planning. She is the CEO of The Tax Experience who is passionate about helping powerhouse CEOs, coaches and consultants build profitable and sustainable businesses. In 2018, she lost everything. What she thought was a financial loss those years ago turned out to be the foundation of her legacy as a successful tax firm owner. In the first 90 days of launching her business, she made her first 6 figures. Her services include tax prep, tax strategy, mentorship, wealth management, and virtual CFO services. Now, she is in her third year of being in business full time,  has expanded her office and staff and is now earning $500,000 in revenue.

Update: Annette reached her 7 figure earning goal.

Connect With Annette:

Instagram: @_successwithannette



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