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Sole Searching: Stepping into the World of Shoe Design

On today's episode of Lady Mogul Talk, we speak with the brilliant Toi Cheri, the Creator and Owner behind Indigoz Shoes. Her story is nothing short of inspiring as she entered a demanding industry and carved out a space for herself. Her talent and hard work paid off when she was given the opportunity to showcase her designs at Paris and New York Fashion Week. Toi's passion doesn't stop with creating fashionable shoes; she's also dedicated to promoting healthy foot care. Her brand not only delivers luxurious and chic designs but also encourages customers to prioritize their foot health. Click the link in our bio to catch the full interview.

About Toi:

Creator and Owner, of Indigoz Shoes, Toi Cheri, is not just selling shoes. She is a shoe designer in the true sense that she creates the vision from beginning to end. Dreaming up trendy, comfy, fashionable high end footwear, Drafting the sketches, working closely with the manufacturer in Spain throughout the production process until the shoe is just right for you! Indigoz Shoes Prides it's self on making designer looks that promote healthy footcare with their specialty insoles and looks forward to continued sharing and selling too the world.

Connect With Toi:

Instagram: @indigozshoes_

Facebook: Indigoz Shoes

LinkedIn: Indigoz Shoes

TikToK: Indigoz Shoes



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