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What It Takes to Be Black, Pretty, and Paid with Coach Jalynn Jones

In the segment of Lady Mogul Talk, we speak with Jalynn Jones about what it takes to be a mogul in your industry, how to find your voice and the importance of changing the narrative for Black women. Watch to listen to her top tips for navigating entrepreneurship and how to use corporate strategies for your business.

About Jalynn

Jalynn Jones is a Gerontologist, Transformational Speaker, and Black Entrepreneurship Thought Leader who launched a super niche space for BIPOC professionals called Black Pretty and Paid University, to stimulate the economy. For the past five years, Jalynn has been nationally and regionally ranked high-performer in corporate sales, business development, and marketing, generating over $2 Million in corporate sales while working for three of the largest healthcare companies in the United States. She is a member of the first-black greek lettered organization and is an HBCU graduate passionate about nurturing a new lane of mindset shifting for a new age. black entrepreneurs. Jalynn's coaching style laser focuses on rising stars in their industry who desire to amplify their purpose, passion, and foundational knowledge to sustain a business venture. With over a decade of experience in healthcare, mentorship, and ownership combined, Jones' secret sauce is her powerful voice, her heart for compassionate sales, and her charming personality that attracts high-value collaborations. To date, Jalynn has a reach of over 11,000 followers across social media platforms and curates affirmation-enriched business coaching spaces that powerfully connect the newest powerhouses on the scene with multiple six, seven, and eight figures public figures with one shared premise - generational wealth. Black Pretty and Paid continues to add value to culture, normalizing investments in business coaching for black and brown people.

Connect With Jalynn

+1 (678) 679-8311



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