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Navigating Trauma-Informed Entrepreneurship with William Honablew

In this episode of Mogul Talk, we talk with William Honablew about the meaning of trauma-informed entrepreneurship, how to become advocates, and the most pressing issues facing the black community. Watch now to learn his top tips on navigating your entrepreneurial journey.

About William: William Honablew, Jr. is the President of the GrindingGang, Inc. William is a Maryland business consultant and attorney, who has 20 years of experience working with small to medium size business to re-engineer their business processes and grow revenue while positively impacting their stakeholders. He has trained thousands of people throughout the country on various topics, including financial management, strategic planning, marketing, effective communication, advocacy, the legislative process, etc.

He has worked with educational, government, non-for–profit, and for-profit organizations to help them move to the next level. He mentored and advised thousands of clients; launched an award-winning entrepreneurship center; and supported clients in obtaining more than $1.1 million in non-debt cash infusion.

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